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Bio-renewable ink formulations

Our Sarbio® resins can provide improved bio-renewable content in your ink formulations. 

Many of today’s top-performing lithographic inks contain products that include DAP (diallyl-phthalate). DAP is not suitable for Nestlé and Swiss compliant indirect food packaging. 

To help our customers comply with current regulations, Sartomer developed phthalate-free replacement blends.

Viscosity resin1
Viscosity ink - 30% loading1
Water pickup3
CN2203 No 65,500 25,700 9.8 17.1 None
PRO14083 Yes 28,600 36,100 14 20 None
PRO14440 Yes 69,700 26,800 17.4 18.2 None
PRO14450 Yes 70,000 26,300 15.5 20.3 None

1 At 25°C, measured by cone and plate rheometer   / 2 At 1,200 RPM/min, measured using a tachometer  /  3 %, based on a 15-30% scale

The use of many metals are restricted in Nestlé ink regulations due to quality and safety concerns. Sartomer can tailor some materials to help you navigate these restrictions, so please let us know your interest. The products below are currently under development at the pilot scale.

Viscosity cP @ 60°C
Tg, °C
CN991* Aliphatic UA 2 660 27
CN975* Aromatic UA 6 500 112
CN968* Aliphatic UA 6 350 145
CN9165US* Acrylate ester 6 900 73

UA: Urethane acrylate

* Metal-free version can be produced upon request. Please get in touch with us to learn more.